Renew and Smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity with our Facial Rejuvenation treatment. The treated skin will look smoother, uniform and luminous. The photo rejuvenation treats a series of skin problems such as red spots or diffuse redness and helps with acne or rosacea, since this technique helps to soften the uneven texture, close pores and eliminate wrinkles. This type of facial treatment is very safe and does not cause pain, some of the symptoms or side effects may occur is swelling and inflammation, being red or blushing, this for a few hours or days after applying the treatment, also the capillaries They may look larger immediately after the facial rejuvenation treatment, the results will also begin to appear after several hours or a few days and you will notice your smoother skin. The advantages of photo rejuvenation is that it is an effective and non-invasive method for the skin, easy to apply, fast, with immediate recovery, the area is treated in a few minutes, does not require anesthesia and can be applied to the neck, neckline, hands and face, this treatment is aimed at people with sun damage or pigmented lesions and worn out mature skin, it serves to treat spots and pigmentations, veins and capillaries, couperose, small wrinkles, dilated pores, laxity and sequelae of solar action, this technique can be applied in All skin types and sessions last 40 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

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