Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful treatments that exist to cure and treat multiple body conditions. In medicine ozone has been used for several decades, and lately the benefits of ozone therapy in the field of aesthetic medicine are being known. Ozone therapy is one of the types of alternative therapies, which focuses on healing by using the application of this element. Medical ozone is made up of an additional molecule added to oxygen, creating O3. When administered to humans it has been shown that it is capable of fighting many problems and in some cases, curing various diseases and conditions. Ozone therapy is used for hair recovery treatments, acne, rosacea, restructuring and toning of the skin, significantly improving cellulite and sagging. Ozone therapy also collaborates in the slimming processes, by eliminating fatty acids. Based on the benefits indicated above, ozone is also used for aesthetic and beauty treatments.

Reactivation of the blood circulation produced by ozone therapy would result in a decrease in cellulite and even varicose veins. On an emotional level it is considered that it can also generate interesting benefits such as an increase in energy, greater sense of well-being, vitality. Cavitation eliminates the accumulation of fat in a painless and non-invasive way through the use of ultrasound. In addition to eliminating localized fat, it can fight effectively even with the appearance of orange peel and cellulite, a common problem for many women. Benefits of cavitation: Its main benefit is the elimination of localized fat. Cavitation has an additional benefit of stretching the skin during the process. It becomes much more elastic. That is, even if you lose fat and centimeters, your skin will not be flaccid but will adapt to your body and will be smooth. Cavitation about getting the body you want but you should keep in mind that it is not a weight loss system. Diet and exercise must be done to maintain the ideal weight and cavitation will help eliminate fat that cannot be undone with these methods.

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