Liposonix is not a cavitation and does not have several functions. Liposonix is HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) that does not empty the adipocyte, they burn it. Lipids do not pass through blood because they have “burned”, their residues are eliminated by lymphocytes and macrophages and lymphatic route. That is why it does not raise the lipids in the postoperative period such as cavitation and that is why there are no adipocytes that can be refilled with fat as in cavitation. I have the most efficient and modern cavitation system but it does not have the effect of Liposonix at all. It is useful but for other things. We have the last of the developments of the liposonix that is the 4D Plus 4 D because it has 4 rays of Hifu which prevents pain and enlarges the surface that is exposed with each shot which causes a heat that reaches 75 degrees or stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers. It tightens the skin, helps the appearance of stretch marks and gives the skin a better appearance. We are the first in all of Mexico to have this technology. Slim Spa always at the forefront.

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